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About Quantum Mechanic, Inc.

Quantum Mechanic, Inc. is a leader in easy-to-use web applications for business professionals and entrepreneurs. Hundreds of customers and individuals, small businesses, health and medical organizations, educators and researchers manage their businesses, projects, and web sites with OCEAN.

Quantum Mechanic specializes in transforming the chaos of paper-based systems and older PC or terminal transactions into a single, streamlined application.  Imagine all departments acting with a singular purpose, instead of duplicating work or skipping crucial steps.  Training your staff is easier and faster too because there is only one program to learn. With a custom-made solution, people become more productive.  And OCEAN is powerful enough to integrate with corporate data environments, share with your clients on the web, and grow as your needs grow.

Since there are no high-end hardware requirements for QM products, you can usually get along fine with your existing equipment.  All that you need to get started is a basic computer with a browser and Internet access. 

Best of all, we stand behind everything we make. Your custom applications are fully supported and things like upgrades, maintenance and backups are taken care of for you. 


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